"Your connection is not secure" and also chat issues

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Hey all,

Since today, for me at least, I'm having issues with the site - emotes in chat seem to load way slower and sometimes when trying to access the main forum I get a message in Firefox: "Your connection is not secure".
I then just F5 (refresh) and it works again.

Also I seem to miss a lot of messages while in chat, unless I hit CTRL + F5 (clear cache) then I can see the messages again (that I missed). Furthermore I only have 1 chat window open, never 2. When I pop-out the chatroom - I close the one on the main forum. :eek:

What's going on? :p


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Hmm... that is a lot of issues .

The pm missing messages unless refresh has been an ongoing thing - i think all have experinced it and seems to presist regardless of settings.

All of the other issues- particularly the your connection is not secure - I am clueless on. We are fully encrypted secure site (see the little padlock at top of the browser) .

There isa very small possibility you happened to be on when there was site maintenance going on. Not actually our site maintenance, the place that registers our domain sent and email saying they were making some DNS changes due to buying another company and changing physical locations. They advised it was "slightly possible" there might be "very brief moments" of issues.

If you continue having issues, first thing I always recommend is clearing catch and cookies and updating bookmarks. The bookmarks may be a particular issue with the new DNS (Domain Name Servers) - those are the things that enable your computer to find our site among the millions of sites on the internet. If you have a bookmark to an old one it may try to display a cache copy, particularly if you use the extensions t to make browsing "faster" where it only actually downloads changes form previous visit instead of a whole page every time. This would also be trying to pull information to fill with from a place that is a redirect at this point. So try clear cache and cookies, update bookmarks, and PLEASE let us know if continue having issues so we can get them investigated and cleared up. Screen shots of any errors or messages are particularly helpful.


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I had this message as well one time. I just wanted to let u know. I can't remember what day it was tho, but it was recently. I will do all u said here and let u know if it happens again. Thanks Ben
Just to add some input, I'm now only receiving about 1 or 2 out of every 5 messages sent in main chat, not just in pm. I've tried clearing cache and switching browsers. Nothing seems to help except constantly refreshing the page.
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