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your depression affects your study/work?

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Growing Pains

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Oh, yeah, definitely. I only passed my last test before graduation by the skin of my teeth. I was, also, at one of my lowest points at the time. At my lowest points... I've been known to miss school for days on end. Though, it's never really affected my performance in English/Language Arts. That is something I can say...
Yes. I can't sleep either and that's horrible for my work. I can't fully concentrate. Been up almost 24 hours now. Barely got any sleep without speeping pills the past week. I was so damn tired a few hours ago and now nothing, I don't get it. I have to go to work in less than 3 hours and I can't do it. I know I'll be so fucked up during work. I just want to sleep even though all my dreams the past few days have been about me dying.
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