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Your experience with therapists?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by ItThing, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. ItThing

    ItThing Well-Known Member

    I want to get therapy for my depression and problems socializing. I heard a lot of bad stories about them, so I have some questions. Do therapists help you, are they worth my time? How are therapists in terms of confidentiality (in east-coast U.S.)? I haven't had an SA but I have had the thoughts and I don't want ANYONE to hear without my permission - also I'm still in highschool, am I at higher risk of getting betrayed? I have to tell my parents something so they take me to therapy, but I don't want to talk to them about my feelings I prefer a professional who I don't know personally. How much do you tell family members, how do they react? How do you go about choosing the right therapist? Yeah basically any info about therapists, good or bad, will help. Thanks :smile:.
  2. beauutyy

    beauutyy Well-Known Member

    my mom once thought i was depressed,well...ha,i was but she didnt exactly know that. but she took me for a 'evaluation' kind of deal,and i went for about a month,and i really liked him. he was real nice,and caring and funny! i loved how he layed out things for me,and he would give me different perspectives on things,and it really helped. but after that month or so,my family didnt want to keep paying and he always told my mom i seemed just find,but just have sad moments. but he knew that that wasnt always true so im glad he never told her anything personal. but i guess my mom figured i was actually okay, so it ended. now, sometimes i wish i could still see him.
  3. beauutyy

    beauutyy Well-Known Member

    then again, i have heard bad stories too. i guess it depends what kind of person you get. my mom sees one currently, and hes real good. i have talked with him before just outside the office,just to start conversation and hes real nice. so i suppose you have the good, & the bad. i hope if you do get what you need,that you get a good one,cause the ones that arent so good, make you feel worse. but im sure you will be okay!

    if you ever need someone to talk to, about whatever, im here for you!
  4. ItThing

    ItThing Well-Known Member

    So then what? Have you had therapy since?
  5. beauutyy

    beauutyy Well-Known Member

    nope. i am a lot better though,so personally i dont think i need one.i mean,sometimes i feel like damn,wish i had a fuckin shrink right now,but i usually just try to rub it off my shoulders.
  6. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Therapy helped me a lot. My parents always asked me why I couldn't just talk to them. Usually parents are a part the issue at least somewhat. It's much easier to talk to someone neutral who is trained to help.
  7. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    I see a therapist, kind of, and I have been since August of '07. I think she's helped a bit, but you have to find one that you can trust..As for the east coast confidentiality, unless you specifically state that you're going to harm yourself, she/he can't tell anyone anything..I'm a minor too, and she's never told my parents anything I didn't want her to. I think you should give it a shot. :)
  8. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    I have been seeing the same therapist for three years. I suffer from social phobia, Agoriphobia, depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, paranoia,and suicidal ideations. I was locked up in my bedroom for about eleven years. I started seeing my therapist and she now has me getting out of the house to go to certain places. I don't go anyware where there are alot of people.
    Sometimes I go to a store and my anxiety takes over and I can't go in. So I leave and go home, I get my anxiety under control and I go back to that store. She told me it is a must to go back the same day. In away you are taking control over what you are thinking.
    The way I see it is she is helping me!! The one thing I haven't got under control are my suicidal thoughts. I made a promise to her and to the doctor at the hospital that when my thoughts to harm myself start creeping up on me i'll go back into the hospital. My tharspist knows everything about me. Even some really personal thoughts. You have to be honest ,and trusting to get help. They aren't mind readers, you have to tell them what is happening with you. You will be able to tell within a couple of sessions wether or not this therapist is helping. It is almost a gut feeling. You are in control just how much you want to disclose at each session. Slowly you will open up to them and start trusting them.
    They are like doctors they can't give out info on you without written consent. Does this help? I don't know what else to tell you. Just follow your gut feeling...:chopper:
  9. ItThing

    ItThing Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, this does help :). I hope my mom doesn't make too big a deal but I'll definitely try it.
  10. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I definitely think it is worth a try for you. The important thing to remember is that if you are not honest with them and tell them how you really feel, they can't help. Trust is a big thing on both sides. That is probably one of the most difficult things to get beyond. I hope you find someone that is helpful to you. :hug:
  11. Summer.Rain

    Summer.Rain Well-Known Member

    Well my psychologist, she was like 30 years old or so, she treated me
    for like 2.5 years. In so much time many things can happen.
    We shared my saddest moments and my happyest moments
    She knew all about it, i even managed to get some info about
    her life, usally thay dont share such info.
    She got pregnant, she told me how she will call her baby
    and told me that she is shy about her name (she had unusual name) and such
    I even had few days when we talked about me meeting her out of the treatment
    even though she didnt stoped me, i never done something about it.

    Anyways i liked her very much, when i told her im leaving (to Ukraine)
    she told me that if ill ever come back and will remember her, she will be there, and she will remember me.
  12. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    I had a terrible therapist who I saw for over a year. He never engaged me, he patrionized me, he treated me like I had done something wrong for needing counseling. I felt like the biggest piece of human shit walking into his office and walking out I felt even worse.

    I'm still mad at him.
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