Your Hobbies That Can Cheer U Up In Your Time of Depression

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Hoping to get some insight on everyone with this topic.

For me:

Emulation/Roms (Video Games)
Remixing Music
Creating Hip Hop or Video Game Sounding Beats with FL5
Writing Poetry


For me:

playin games like Roms, PS2, PC (whenever i can be bothered)
Always listen to music
Talkin 2 ppl on msn whenever sum1 will talk 2 me (which is normally when its conveinent for them although ppl from SF talk with me everyday so thats cool)
Watching anime
Used to draw anime
like playin pool (but have no-one 2 hang out with anymore, so cnt do that)


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Writing poems (when i can bothered)
Talking to people from here
Sleeping (always helps!!)
Watching TV and playing PS2 and PC games
nice topic.

for me:

Listening to atmospheric music
Resting on my Bed
Doing Chores
Go for walks

all these things help take my mind off depression and stress and all the other bad stuff.


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I love skilltoys like yoyoing tops astrojax diablo and air-yos. Look them up theyre really fun and addicting, and its cool seeing your skills improve.
I also like musical instruments , classic ones like piano and guitar or my favorite ocarina's.
I like to go to arcades and play dance dance revolution and In the groove. You have to use your body to play , its fun and addicting .
Learning, knowledge and usefull skills. Like cooking, sewing, working out, ceramics , biology etc.
Riding horses even tho ive only done it twice hehe.
playing my guitar
going for a drive and turning up the music in my car REALLY loud so I can't hear how off-key my singing is
baking something yummy (and eating it, of course :tongue:)
going for a run
ice skating
talking to my friends online
volunteering at the animal shelter and playing with the dogs
and of course...nothing beats sleep :sleep:
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