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Your issues aren't important.


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Just get over it. Grab your balls and be a man. Don't be such a hypochondriac. You are just like your mother. Why can't you just be like him? I don't want to hear it. Some people have it so much worse than you. You would be fine if you'd just try. Grow up already. Just go to therapy. Can't you get self-help books? Just change your diet and you'll feel better. Eventually this will pass. Why don't you look for support groups? Time heals old wounds. Just have faith.

Raise your hand if you've heard all of this before.


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Its really annoying when people minimise our issues isn't it? When they keep mocking our emotions and stuffs like that, all those arrogant bustards. I'm kinda used to it though, cause who do they think they are? As if they're so good like they're gods. They're just humans like us and I don't trust safe people anymore even if they return and apologise, I grew up taking care of myself steadily. And it's so easy to mock them back too.


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I was thinking about this just as I came here and saw your thread. I get: "You've experienced 'nothing'", quite a lot. Then, I immediately feel embarrassed and belittled and that I'm not allowed to have emotions. Typically because the person I am addressing (my Mother) feels some slight guilt at having allowed people to 'attack' me in that sense and can't bear it, so essentially 'bats it off' the moment I speak of it.
I don't think some of things that have happened to me are easy to get past and have, to all intents and purposes, changed the landscape of my life. I am not trying to whinge or make it seem like I've suffered more than most (I haven't in general, just appear to have lucky people around where I live), I just want to be heard and helped. And, more importantly, seek some justice from those that have done it, rather than the usual 'victim' label they carry so effectively with them, whilst I am in fact blamed, so no closure comes my way. Quite the reverse, as one could imagine. They hurt you, but stick with the law and no karma every reaches them (one is very old and will now die unscathed).


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Yes I agree wholeheartedly...I also get so tired of people who believe there is a "time-limit" on how situations/events/people etc should impact you...and after that specified time you are expected to just be "back to normal"...


TBH, one of the things that pisses me off most about hearing this kind of shit is that it consistently comes from people who don't know the whole story. And I'm not particularly inclined to share more with anyone who is so dismissive of the bits they can see.


Thank you. That includes therapists? Supportive people?
Well, I'd say that anyone who says stuff like that is certainly not a "supportive person" though they may be masquerading as one. Friends and family mostly. Not from therapists specifically. Though I have heard stuff like that from from people on the other end of support hotlines, and from workers whose job it is to put people in touch with mental health resources.

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