Your Little Flower

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  1. Kaspazzy

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    You planted a nice little flower one day
    You sat, you watched it grow
    Over the years it grew so much
    You could not bare to let it go.

    But then one day it grew too much
    You try to cut it off - but it's too thick
    You decide not to do such
    But you want to let it die quick

    You neglect it for months but it still grows
    You feel bad so you cover it up
    You batter it with your hateful blows
    Then you decide that you've had enough

    12 long years you left that alone
    Now it's petals are slowly drying
    It's leaves turn such a shady brown
    Then you regret that you ever stopped trying

    You water it down, beg and plead
    That you just made a huge mistake
    You're a little too late, for your precious seed
    Now you have to deal with the death intake

    This flower of yours, mom,
    Is withering right in front of you
    Ignore your flower all you like - you know it's wrong
    But try to understand what it's been through

    The little flower you started to grow
    Is the one flower it is today,
    You made it beautifully and radiantly glow,
    But then you walked away.

    What's so different between now and then?
    What made you hate it so much?
    Was it something it should not have been?
    Or is that your intolerant crutch?

    I'm that flower mom and you don't care a lot
    I have always been by your side
    Even though we have fought
    I have never, ever once lied

    To you I'm an idiot
    And sometimes we just can't get along.
    But maybe, just maybe
    I'm tired of being told I'm wrong.
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    Hugs to yo u
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