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Your purpose in life...

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Maybe this could be used as a sticky and a thread devoted to one's "purpose in life"So what is it?And what does it mean for you?


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I still have no real idea of what my purpose in life is...Ive been increasingly interested in environmental issues, and sometimes think my purpose is to go out there and actively get really involved. Other times I think I might be able to help people in some kind of social service, because Ive often been told I have a lot of patience with people...increasingly though this patience is deserting me, especially at work.

Where is once upon a time I would help a customer for 30 minutes or an hour, now I just think...you either want it or you dont, if you dont...fuck off and stop wasting my time. If you do, buy it and go away. Harsh I know and I never use to think like that...I use to like talking and helping people at work.

Maybe there is no single, overwhelming purpose, maybe the purpose is too maximise the opportunities that come your way..whatever they might be.

Either way im screwed
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