Your Song

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  1. Entity

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    Your Song

    Life is like music, you find your own beat
    You pick your own notes that go with who you are
    Life has an abounding amount of notes
    The song can go on for as long as you let it
    The song can be fast or slow
    Loud or quiet
    Happy or sad
    Anything you do in life will change your song
    Whether it be a different flow and rhythm for each person dramatic or slight change
    There will always be change for that is life
    Life has a different tune a
    For each person there is a different way of putting all the notes together
    A different way of making your song be all yours
    Your song is your life
    You make your own music and your own life
    Together as one to make you, you!
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    :wow: Brilliant! :heart:
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