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    I like skateboarding. When summer comes I take my old skateboard and I just roll. Other kids would just skateboard only because it's cool and they're kind of laughing at me that I don't do tricks. But really I don't like all that extreme stuff. I just roll...
    Also I think everybody should try doing something not because it is cool or it is not cool, but just to do that thing because you feel good. For example sometimes I go out, find place to sit, I close my eyes and I just listen to all that sounds. It's fun, It's entertaining and it's free! Also you can relax like this if you're having stress. Other people might misunderstand you, but you're not doing this because you want them understand, you're doing this because you like it. So find simple things you like and just live your life your way. Enjoy your life! It's free (I think)

    Sorry, my English is bad. I'm not from English speaking country.
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    I can understand and also agree with your own words and this is good if you having such adoptive power as you told here.