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    my dad complains I never call him, about a week ago he wasn't even listening to me and tonight, he didn't want to talk and disturb my step sis and step mom listening to the fucking tv!!!, then he goes to the family and cries I don't talk to him...well apparently that's what he wants so he can complain. Well dad, your wish is granted. I will no longer talk to you *.*

    I am so pissed off and tired. I try and try and try, give chances, forgive and keep extending my hand. But this is a toxic relationship and I deserve so fucking better. I don't deserve that kind of neglect. AHOLE!!!!!!!!!!! I need to get a dart game and a picture of him so I can make loads of ugly piercing on it.....

    you know, even though he abused me most of my life and continues even now, I love my dad, I wish I could just stop and I feel so trapped because I always get hopeful when it's been long since I talked or saw him, I get hopeful that he's changed and that he's going to treat me better, and each fucking time, I realize that he hasn't and's mourning over and over again...

    I must be some crazy lady to go through all that every time...
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    He sounds very much like what my mentor calls a "crazy-maker"..... and apparently, having a crazy-maker in our life can be turned around and made into a positive. But it takes some determination and some learning. My mother-in-law was mine, and I know her own daughter considers she is, from my mentor's manual, the skill in coping with a crazy-maker is always to ask empowering questions, as nicely and as gently as you can, for their benefit, so it will stick in their mind and get them to start thinking about their treatment of people.

    Something like: " Dad, I'm anxious to know what's going to happen to our relationship if I always feel I'm on the back foot the whole time, i.e. that the TV seems to be more important to me." or,
    "I'm having difficulty understanding the basis of your belief that I never call you, could you enlighten me please?"

    Hope this might help a little :)
  3. morning rush

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    tried that, that doesn't work. He will get pissed off at me and do this meaculpa guilt trip or cut the conversation short. He believes that parents don't call their children, children call their parents. so he never calls me, not even on holidays like bday and christmas etc...

    right now though, I don't want to ever talk to him again so...I'm done bending myself out of shape for him.
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    That is probably the very best thing you can do m.r. :)
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    Can be painful - but realistically - it's better for you to not be around people who you register as being toxic for yourself.
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    meaninglessvessel: you're right. I'm going to keep him as far away as possible. Just really sad that my own dad doesn't love his own least I have my mom but it hurts...really hurts that my dad doesn't care...he never cared so nothing new there but still painful