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  1. Lorax

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    Life can terrible, or great. Sometimes your plans get cancelled, and you have nothing to do. Maybe you find something better. It's never sure. That can't be changed. But you always have yourself. People die, move on, change. Yet you are always there.

    If you love yourself, no amount of plan changes, people leaving, or age will break you. It's hard, it's confusing when you want to stop living, it's like that feeling will always be back. Even on a good day, thinking you'll feel that again can ruin it. It's not an issue of strength, it's not an issue of love, it's something you have to get past.

    For years I thought that was all I would feel. It seemed like it would be easier to just die. Then I would stop feeling that way later. Even a good day was to try being happy before I left. Now, a few years later.. I feel sad knowing life has to end.

    It's been a long journey. I went to different places, met different people, lost everything I used to know. Yet in my time alone, it dawned on me that I've always been there for my self. It's important to have others to offer a break, or offer some fun. But it's important to reflect on what you think, what you want, where you want to end up, and who you are vs who you want to be.

    I know those things, but sharing would be pointless. Only you can choose who you will be. You aren't stuck with the person you currently are. You're different now from when you were a kid, you'll be different when you're old from now. You don't have to be hurt forever. Just work to being the person you always knew you were.

    No matter what, offer your love to you, offer your sympathy, treat yourself like you would treat your best friend if they were hurt. It's hard to see it, but you would have gone if there wasn't someone helping you through. Even when you felt alone.

    Just keep going till you are the person you want to be, love yourself no matter who you currently are, and think about the small things that you live for. The world is always moving forward, new medicine, new technology, new rulers, new social standards, we may never live to see the next breakthrough, but you may be the one that starts it.
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    Hi Lorax, excellent post and I agree with it. Accepting ones self through each stage of life, nothing is static and life is ever changing.
    I remember when I was younger, how I'd imagine my life would be when I retired, this wasn't how I imagined it :) but in all honesty, I've grown through this experience in ways I would never have dreamed back then.
    I read a book some time back called "love yourself like you life depressed on it" it's abort read but it became a best's the link if you're interested in viewing it.
    I was quite impressed by this young writer and his experience, I must admit, I didn't follow the easy and short instruction that he used to heal himself, in retrospect I probably should have.
    Thanks for the encouraging and uplift post.
  3. Brian777

    Brian777 Safety and Support SF Artist SF Supporter

    *depended on it*
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    Thanks for the book suggestion, I definitely intend to read it.
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