Youtube Duck Shooters Fined

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  1. Axiom

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    Taken from

    Here is the link to the Youtube video they are referring to. It's disgusting, and please if you are feeling a bit low maybe don't watch it, it can be triggering. It's a sad display of humanity.

    We kill animals all the time, for stupid things. I think we don't see the actual act, only what we do with their dead bodies/parts, so we don't connect with it. Things like this put it into perspective of the people who actually don't care about the act of killing another life in any shape or form. Their lack of understanding of their actions is frightening. I don't agree with killing animals unless you need to eat. If you kill something, you should consume it and use all the parts to their full potential.

    Personally I'm starting to wonder if I have the right to eat a burger. Don't think I could slit a cows throat unless I was hungry and consumed with the desire to eat. ..... anyhow guess that's another topic.
  2. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    you bring up a very good point about people lacking a connection to their food, i have met city folk and town folk who aint ever seen a cow or sheep in real life, one lad thought beef was made in factories, another thought the same about eggs, he got a shock after i sent him in with the chickens.
    Luckily i am privelaged with the fact i kill my food, i do have that connection, i dont ever waste anything and have the utmost respect for the quarry (prey) i hunt, i conserve their numbers and manage the land, and still to this day i always say sorry whenever i neck a rabbit or shoot a deer. I do prefer this life as i know my food has lived a free life, it had a chance to escape while being hunted (only the fit and healthy get away from the animals i hunt with) and i also eat food from the local farmers, with having friends in the abbatouirs i get half a pig at a time and butcher it myself, having known were it was reared, how it was treated and often having seen it killed. Funnily enough living this style is actually a LOT cheaper than popping down the shops.
  3. Zurkhardo

    Zurkhardo Well-Known Member

    Very interesting Bhawk. I must take the time to learn more about you and this lifestyle.

    I agree with you Blake. The only motivations for such a disgusitng act is ignorance or sadism. Given the average person's detatchment from wildlife it doesn't surprise me how some could so easily and joyfully slaughter animals for no real reason.
  4. Mikeintx

    Mikeintx Well-Known Member

    Mirrors my opinion exactly. Thanks for the well written post.
  5. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    I would like to state (should be needless, but it isn't) that those men are not typical of Albertans, Saskatchewanites, Canadians, or hunters of any of those groups either.

    These are 3 dumbasses breaking a lot of laws and norms.
  6. Zurkhardo

    Zurkhardo Well-Known Member

    I hear Canadians are reputable as decent and responsbile hunters, given their outdoormen culture.
  7. Axiom

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    Cool way of living Bhawk :)

    A little update, gives you a little more look into the mindset of one of the guys and the media.

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