You've killed me

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  1. You know my suicide history, you know my trauma, you know my pain. Yet you pretend to care for me then break my heart. How much more can I take in this life. Overdosing wont work, it is not strong enough to do the job as I cant get the right stuff. But I do have the right weapon now and I just have to not miss. Why do you hate me? Am I such a horrible person? I have never hurt or harmed another human being. I have always tried to help others if I was able. Maybe I am not that smart but I do my best. My death will go unnoticed other than this little post on a suicide website on the internet. That is the impact I made on this world...........nothing.
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    You touched my life, you talked to me one night and postponed my death. You matter, you are important, you are loved.

    Talk to us
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    Trust me. Your death would not go unnoticed. You have made a difference. I am sorry to see you feel betrayed by someone. Please put the weapon back where you found it. You are not meant to leave that way. You have more strength than you are willing to admit. I have seen that strength when you talk with others. You care so much about everyone else and so little about yourself. It is time to put some of that care towards loving you. You are a wonderful person. :hug:
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