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wild rabbit

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had a really hard day, glad its nearly over.

along side my mental health issue im riddled with physical stuff too, and have for many years been trying to get help to little or no avail.

you will all have probably experienced prejudice regarding your physical health, as we are often treated as if it is all in our minds.... I wish it was then my back, knees, ankles shoulders and variety of internal bits wouldnt be messed up!!

anyway, i finally got seen by a doctor who said i had hypermobility syndrome ( there are 10 types, and he didnt tell me anything else) He refused to do tests to see what damage has been done and wrote to my gp to say i had a somatic disorder, without testing first.

managed to get a second opinion, a few xrays done and been for physio too, since a week after seeing that idiot i fell and broke my leg (breaks are more common with this as your ligaments are looser so dont snop when something should).

I went to fracture clinic today who were horrible when im trying to explain a new pain which i think is a damaged tendon (the bit that attaches muscle to bone) but the physio there laughed it off, and went with the "all in my mind" shite.

I then cried all the way home feeling what is the bloody point. Its not like it was an effort to get DLA or anything, which i kind of got the feeling i was angling for.

Had to go back 3 hours later for physiotherapy and explained everything to the therapist who went for my file to read the xray reports.

the camera never lies.

I have severe osteoarthritis in both my knees, which has been progressing for 15 years now... but no one listened. In my broken ankle I have marked osteoarthritis, with bony spurs called osteophytes which are bony spurs growing to make up for loss of cartilage. this will not heal.

then there is the small matter of two sections of spine, D10 and D11 starting to collapse into each other (hence the loss of height the original doctor laughed off) and arthritis of the sacro illiac joints.

none of this will heal, but can be slowed down with exercises and treatment, which hopefully I can now access.

Will be seen by the lead consultant in 3 weeks to discuss it- i hope at last they listen.

got the shrink tomorrow who got someone to call me to check i was coming... hope i don't get sectioned because ive not medicated for 2 months partly so i can take pain relief, and she is quite firm with me so lord knows whatl happen.

Glad you finally found someone who cared. Some doctors are so arrogant, and they shouldn't be, because they aren't even good doctors if they can blow people off like they do (women more than men). Good for you for persisting.


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That is quite a catalogue they have come up with, I do hope they can help you now and get on top of these physical ailments,once they are doing that it might help you deal better with the mental problems.I hope the psychiatrist can find something that you can take with pain relief tablets.

wild rabbit

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went, they reckon i should take rispiridone, but im not so sure cos weight is a big issue for me and even more so now with the joint problem. I just find it so hard, apparently the cpn that i used to have is still there for me but it doenst sseem to make sense as she neither calls or visits- im supposed to ring her if i want anything but i dont understand what it is she can do for me? I really could do with help with my appointments but there is no one to help.

i feel like today was a waste of time as my next appointment is in 6 months but i reckon this is more like 8 months like the last gap which was meant to be 6 months

they really dont get their head round the risk with me and the fact i disengage when not well and need them to be more proactive but they judge me on the fact im smartly dressed when i go- but i went straight from work so im not going in scruffs, the fact i talk the talk- well of course i do im in mental health for a living.

i just think i need to be seen every 3 months so i get the chance to say what i need to, the gap isnt too big and i dont stop my meds which no one seems to alert anyone to.

im so bored of this constant merry (wrong word) go round, its more like a treadmill and im getting to the point where i want to get off. I now have to wait for the script and pick it up. If i dont who will notice? No one, it will sit in the script box gathering dust and i could be dead somewhere . which is becoming a tempting prospect.

im sure if i took the meds i would start to feel better, but for how long and im not the sort of person who would ask directly for help. she did to give her her due say i could ring them r go to the crisis team but frankly the popes privates are more useful.

i have told them over and over again my risk assessment needs revising, they assume so much based on other peoples presentations and im afraid they only really see me once a year pot luck how im am, or in crisis, and its hard to access them to keep me stable.

feeling like giving up
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