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yuck- thinking about my future got me all worked up!

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was just thinking this morning actually about stuff..

yesterday, i got told that the funding i use to go to my colledge will stop at the end of the year (mainly because of poor care, and the fact the course was too easy for me)

anyway... last tuesday i went to check on this other course and found it to be not right for me at all- even though it was suggested to me!

i think where i'm getting at really is that my future is getting nowhere..

if i can't get back in to education, and i can't get myself a job (partly because i don't really have enough skills, and partly because i just mess everything up in my mental state) then what's the point in living for something that is not their?
I know how you feel.
I left school too early... Had some crappy jobs. Im now in a job i know can go nowhere. I clock in at 9 and out at 5 and that is my life.
You May still get somewhere... I hold hope for you. But do something you love and don't settle like i did

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