Yup, me Again

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    Alright, so i was SO sure this girl liked me (the only one who has in like months, by the way,) then, funny story, she goes and (turns out) she likes this other guy. I know, must sound like i blame her (which i fuckin' oviously don't) or that i'm some pussy ass little pre-teen kid (which i ain't), i've been diagnosed with depression, i just can't help it. I mean, what kind of disease could our own bodies come up with just to chemically unbalence ourselves and kill ourselves. I admit, i HATE my life right now, bedause i have no-one, and everyone i thought liked me i was wrong. All friends, no love, no hate, no point. Can someone PLEASE help me? i feel so scared.......
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    Sometimes our depression can convince us no one likes us too when it is not the case at all. Your friends may have noticed a change and are unsure what to do. If they know you are depressed it may scare them a little because they don't know how to help. It isn't fair that our bodies do this for what seems like no reason, but like with all medical afflictions one never knows where or when it will strike. Could it be possible you are seeing evidence that isn't really there or is mixed up in your mind? Have you tried talking with your friends? I hope you feel safe enough to talk here and be supported. take care. :hug: