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  1. Doug1027

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    Zeffexor: Anyone have any experience with this drug? Side effects? Results? Please share your experiences or alternate solutions if you will.

  2. jeannate

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    I never heard of Zeffexor, but I was on a drug called Effexor. Is that what you mean?

    It worked well for me, but it had awful withdrawl effects. Sometimes I would have trouble getting the medication from my mail order pharmacy and I would go without for awhile. It made me go insane. My doctor later replaced it with prozac and I am not sure it is better or worse. I feel about the same I think.
  3. itmahanh

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    firt sorry for poor typing, realy bad day.
    xsame here effexor. wish i knew now what i didnt when doc started me on it. it works but does eventually start not to. have had doseage bumped yup to legal quantity before can be consider pharmacutical overdose. many people use efexor and another drug in combination. but one hell of a mess to get off of. me cant. do not attempt to get offf effexor cold tureky!!! the side efects at start up do pass quickly and it really doesnt effect your daily living after that passes.
  4. clodha

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    I take 187.5mg daily and works well for me but as you say, the withdrawal effects are horrendous.
  5. ~Claire

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    I was on Effexor XL for a few months. I found them helpful but I was taken off them as it made me tachycardic. The withdrawal was awful, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

    All anti depressants are different, what works for one may not necessarily work for another.

    Best of luck with whatever you choose.
  6. twc

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    I can't believe they still prescribe Effexor. I was on it 10 years ago (god I'm old) and it felt like speed. Then I went off it cold turkey (which nobody had told me not to do) and almost lost my mind.

    F*cking doctors.
  7. Clockwork Reality

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    I'm taking it. I go without a dose for about 24 hours and I start to feel it. I also have muscle quivers as a side-effect of the medication.

    Admittedly, I've only started it about two months ago, and I feel a lot happier now than I have in a while. But Effexor does have a tendency to wear off after extended use, based on the reading that I've done.

    I'm halfway glad I'm on it, and I halfway regret it.
  8. My_eyes_lie

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    I'm on it and it works realy well for me. I decreased my dose from 225mg to 150mg and experienced no side effects.
  9. History

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    Effexor XR saved my life. for 6 months i 'felt' like dying and had extremely strong suicidal urges which no amount of counselling nor talking could help. After taking it, the feelings minimized and my thoughts turned normal again. I've read and know of the horrible withdrawal effects but without it, I would probably kill myself so I'm prepared to take it as long as I need it even if it's for life. Without it, I'd be dead.