zeitgeist movie, please share!

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  1. oval

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    this is a series of documentaries called zeitgeist by peter joseph, an independent movie maker. its about the government, all governments, and the people financing it and therefore controlling it, and a society that does not realize how much it is being lied to, distracted and controlled. and most importantly, in which direction our entire world is going, and a future that is supposed to be a worldwide dictatorship, controlled by a handful of bankers, while we have no idea it is happening or refuse to believe it.
    i found it absolutely incredible. there are 3 parts and they may be long but for everybody who has not seen it yet, you should watch this. i got hooked immediately and just could not, not continue.

    Zeitgeist - part 1

    Zeitgeist - part 2

    Zeitgeist - part 3
  2. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    Lies and manipulation are covered and riddled with good intentions and blame :)

    Careful whose spinning you a perception. Just my opinon.
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