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  1. tiggersafire

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    I just got started on this med on Monday.. I believe it's called Zeldox in Canada and Geodon in the US. I was wondering, has anyone had any experience with it that they can share with me? I'm a little nervous about taking it, as it will be the 8th antipsychotic I have taken.
  2. total eclipse

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    With every meds each of us react differently to them. Zeldox does help keep the unwanted weight off unlike some psychotics
    It depends on dosage your on but found it can cause increase energy level as well
  3. tiggersafire

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    I'm on 20mg twice daily.. So 40mg all together. I am moving up to the next dose when I see my psychiatrist next in two weeks. I was told to take it with food or else it won't get absorbed. I hope it keeps the weight off, I gained a lot of weight on Seroquel.
  4. sudut

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    are you also on these cheerful, and if so, how are they?
  5. tiggersafire

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    Yes, I am on all those meds.
    Haldol used to work very well, for about a year and a half, then I started experiencing symptoms of psychosis again. Epival is very good, I haven't had a manic episode since I started it. Zoloft is pretty good, when I do have depressive episodes they only last a few days, and I don't get them very often at all. Zeldox/Geodon is good so far, I haven't had any side effects yet. And Cogentin.. Well, Cogentin is just for the stiff muscles I got from the Haldol. I am going off the Haldol, because it interacts with Zeldox, and because my psychiatrist doesn't feel it's working well enough anymore. She's just slowly taking me off it as she raises the Zeldox. I haven't had any side effects from any of them except the occasional upset stomach and the muscle stiffness.