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So i went back to docs AGAIN because ive had 6 hrs sleep in 3 days and the doctor finally gave me some zopiclone only 5 days worth but its a start. At least i can sleep tonight i hope !!! Now to catch up on all ur posts ! xxx


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Yuhh 7.5mg worked for me, but then my dosage was dropped to 3.75, that didnt work as well. but 7.5 completely knocked me out. Only down side was I felt tired for a few hours after I got out of bed... But its good to be able to sleep!



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cool ! not cool about them dropping the doseage tho did u still feel tired the next day after dropping the dose down? xx


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They are good for sleep because they knock you out cold but they did leave a foul taste in my mouth the next day which lasted quite a while.

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