Dealing with the Suicide Attempt of a Loved One

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Create Date February 5, 2018
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If a family member or close friend has attempted suicide and now you are trying to understand what happens next and how to talk to them and keep them safe this guide is a good start. First and foremost, aside from the many other feelings you are experiencing, remember to be grateful that they are still alive to have this as an issue. Remember - as traumatic as it has been for you, it was more so for them, and they still have all the same issues and problems they had before, but add embarrassment, fear, shame, anger, and yes, even disappointment, at where they are now. There are 3 main goals now- in order of importance -

  1. The Safety of your loved one
  2. The need to know you care
  3. The need for support and change to make things genuinely better and not just "move past it" or ignore it.

This guide will tell you what to expect from the hospital and the questions to ask t set up an after care program, as well as some conversation started to help open communications with your loved one again after the attempt. This is based on US processes, and has an extensive list of US resources, but much of the information will be suitable to other areas as well.

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