What to Say and Do for a Suicidal Family Member or Friend – You Can Help Prevent Suicide

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Create Date February 9, 2018
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Do you think a friend or family member may be suicidal? Maybe they told you so, or were make jokes about it all the time - except these jokes are not really funny. How can you tell if they are really in danger? How can you tell if somebody is serious about killing themselves?  This downloadable guide gives answers to these questions and more. Worth reading "just in case" the situation every comes up, it is a must read if you are worried about a friend or relative.  This is compiled form multiple sources for the best available advice on how to help you determine if somebody is at risk and to help you figure out what to do or say. Please read and share. Republication and sharing of excerpts (or in its entirety with acknowledgement of source)  or sharing of the download link is authorized and encouraged.

Standard PDF file format, can be read,viewed or printed from most computers and devices without any extra software or applications. 5 pages in length.



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