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If you would like to share non-fiction articles about any subject relevant to mental health, support, or awareness, please feel free to contact the site administrators by email to either discuss your topic or to submit articles for review. 


All articles must be original, not published anywhere else in print or online, and very clear if the point of view is being offered as an editorial opinion of the writer or fact based research piece. Personal autobiographical stories or experiences are considered on a case by case basis, with the determining factor of publication being if sharing it will offer insight or lessons to be gained to the reader.

Once published all copy rights go to SF We Care / SuicideForum.com and any further use or reprints require approval from the site administrators of suicideforum.com. Removal from the site will be based only on the editorial discretion of SF. If an article is not published, or if it has been published then removed, then after 30 days all rights return to the original author. Do not submit the same article to us as you have submitted other places, and if submitted to us please allow the 30 days to publish (unless you receive email notification of intent not to publish prior)


Links in article will be reviewed for appropriateness for audience as well as commercial intent and decisions to publish or not will be based on overall value to reader. Commercial pieces  that require additional or special editing or processing must be approved as having value to the site and reader before being considered for publication. Featured articles must be 400-1200 words long. well written, and deemed of special interest to our readers.


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