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Forum Rules - Please Read

Want to Chat about suicide and depression or looking for help with anxiety?
Please Read the rules first - UPDATED January, 2018

Suicide Forum – Site Rules.

If you are in immediate danger of harming yourself or someone else

contact a friend, family member, counselor, helpline, local hospital or the police for immediate help.

Site Ethos

SF is a pro-life peer to peer support forum for people in crisis. SF operates on a “Do no harm, promote no harm” principle. Membership of SF is a privilege, not a right. If you cannot abide by the forum rules, this privilege will be removed.


These rules apply to all areas of the forum, chat, private messaging, diaries and groups.

1. Do not share or ask for Methods to harm yourself. This applies to suicide methods and self-harm methods. If other people can picture how you are harming, have harmed or are intending to harm yourself, this is a method and is not allowed. Methods also includes suicide planning or steps taken to prepare to commit suicide. (We consider the word 'cutting' to be a synonym for self harm rather than a description of an action and this word is permitted)

2. Encouraging suicide or self-harm in any way is strictly forbidden. Intentionally trying to incite or persuade any member to harm themselves in any way will lead to immediate restriction of account permissions and may lead to a complete site ban.

3. Suicide Pacts are viewed as encouraging suicide and therefore strictly forbidden.

4. Suicide notes, timelines or countdowns of any description are not to be posted on the forum or discussed in chat – these will be removed.

5. Discussion supporting or encouraging anything that is generally considered illegal in the UK, USA, or Australia is not allowed. This includes discussions endorsing the use of illegal drugs or promoting the abuse of legal medications.

6. SF is a pro-life support site. Discussion and debate on euthanasia and “right to die / right to commit suicide” is not permitted.

7. Sexually explicit content and/or the attempt to engage other members in discussions that are sexual in nature are strictly prohibited. We have members as young as 13. If we catch an adult grooming a minor we WILL report the adult to the authorities.

8. As a peer support forum it is expected that all our members treat others with respect. Discussion or comment that is intentionally/knowingly insulting toward a person or group of people (including famous people - celebrities, politicians, public figures) is not permitted. This includess discourse that belittles, insults or bullies a person or group of people for their faith, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, profession, political position, etc. Rude, insulting or bullying behaviour will lead to site privileges being revoked.

9. Expression of violent intentions or desires of harming individuals, groups, animals etc is prohibited.

10. We do not delete accounts or threads on request. You are in control of the personal information on your profile - if you wish to change your email address and password that can be done at a user level so you can no longer log yourself in. We store no personal information on members and do not close or delete accounts.

11. Sharing ANYTHING posted on SF by members, staff or admin – in chat or on the forums – in whole or in part, offsite or to another location is not permitted. This includes copy/paste or paraphrase to social media sites, blogs, skype conversations etc. This is a safe space and people have a to expect that the thoughts and feelings they share here will not be gossiped about, ridiculed or otherwise exposed for entertainment, discussion or censure.

12. SF is not a substitute for medical or professional assistance in a crisis. If you are found to be in danger (claiming that you are in the middle of a suicide attempt, that you are currently self-harming, that you are an immediate threat to yourself or someone else, that you are currently engaging in dangerous behaviors) your account will be temporarily suspended so you can seek professional help.

13. If you post on SF or enter chat while intoxicated to the point that it limits your coherence your account will be temporarily suspended until such time as you are able to give and receive support in the spirit of the site.

14. Staff instructions are to be followed at all times without argument or abuse. If you have questions or comments about a staff instruction you may write a “Letter to the Admin” to discuss it. Staff decisions are not to be discussed in chat or on the forum – both of these are for support not debate on site policies.

15. SF is not an advertising space – personal links and links to commercial concerns will be considered spam and deleted.

16. Your personal information is your responsibility. SF takes no responsibility for the actions of members off site. It is strictly forbidden to ask for another member’s off site contacts (email, skype, social media etc). You may offer your own at your own risk, but requesting it from others will be considered coercive and potentially predatory and your SF account will be closed. Under no circumstances is it allowed to pressure or push for real life meetings or in person meetings. Anybody that feels like they were pressured for meetings offsite should immediately report it. In these situations the local authorities will be notified if deemed appropriate.

17. You are entitled to your own faith but posts pushing your faith on other people are not allowed here. Our members find it triggering and have the right to speak about their problems without having a religious agenda pushed upon them. Posts that are considered to push a religious agenda will be deleted and your account may be limited or banned. Do not recommend people seek help from God, the church or any other religious activity, nor make statements that seeking such help is harmful or useless. It is equally considered a religious agenda to push an anti-God/Creator sentiment.

18. The position of this forum is that depression and mental illness is a medical problem that should be dealt with by a medical professional with prescribed treatment, whether this be medication or therapy. Any post that dissuades from seeking medical attention (e.g. arguing that meds are dangerous/placebos, suggesting that hospitals bad places etc) are against the rules and will be deleted. Whether or not people take medication is a decision that is strictly between them and their doctor

19. The contents of private messages between members or staff are not to be shared with other members. If someone believes they are speaking with you privately, copying the conversation to someone else, or sharing screen shots of that conversation with someone else, is a breach of trust. Doing this will lead to your chat access being revoked.

20. The minimum age to join SF is 13. All members under the age of 16 will have public access only accounts. They can post on the main forum or use the public group chat rooms for support however they cannot send/receive private messages in either chat or forum to protect them from potentially dangerous or inappropriate advice and /or discussions.

21. Child abuse is a crime, not a peer support topic. Peer support cannot adequately address complex issues that require physical/legal intervention to resolve. If physical or sexual abuse is reported by a minor (under 18 years old) the thread will be closed and the member encouraged to report it to authorities for real life assistance

22. SF is an anonymous site. Members may use their first name if they wish to, but full names should not be used anywhere on the public forum or in public chat. This includes your own name or the names of anyone else you might personally know. Photographs of people’s faces, whether your own, your friend, your family member etc. are not allowed in any public part of the forum or chat. Photographs not including faces that could feasibly identify you are equally not permitted.

Members are only allowed to have one account. Duplicate accounts are against the rules. We want you to get support for your problems and issues - being more than one person is neither necessary nor helpful to you. If, for any reason, you wish to change your user name or have a problem with your account, please contact the staff so we can help you.

It is expected that members will ‘self moderate’ – this means that if members see behaviour that violates the site rules, they are required to report it to a member of staff at the earliest possible opportunity. In chat this can be done using the “report abuse/spam” function. On the forum there is a “report” button at the bottom of every post. Alternatively you may write a Letter to the Admin at any time. All reports are confidential.

Admin can also be contacted at: sfopsacct@gmail.com

For further guidance on using SF, including further details of the rules of the site and the guidelines within which we require our members to operate while using this forum, please CLICK HERE to read the Guidelines and User Manual.

SF often uses the term Pro-LIfe. The term "Pro-Life” as used on SF is strictly as regards the question of suicide. www.sucicideForum.com has no religious or political affiliation of any kind and does not have any opinion as an organization on other common uses of the term pro-life in political or religious areas such as abortion or women’s rights. All members are welcome to their own personal beliefs on such matters; however, discussions of these topics are not appropriate for this forum and have nothing to do with the forums purpose or ethos.

SF considers the term Pro-life to mean that we believe that no life should be lost to suicide and that all problems can be dealt with and treated by support, understanding, intervention, and medical and professional mental health supports, and without having to kill, harm, or mutilate oneself to solve the problems faced in living.

Sf considers suicide to be the intentional act of ending one’s life in response to mental or non-terminal physical pain, torment, or discomfort. SF, as a non-political and non-religious site, is not a forum for the discussion of Euthanasia, Right to Die, or other political or medical definitions or interpretations of suicide. We are a support site and only discuss supports and supporting members in times of stress or in their need to find ways to end or reduce pain or stress that do not include killing or harming themselves or others.

Complete Terms of Service for use of SF CLICK HERE

SF Privacy Policy CLICK HERE  
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