1. NothingMuch

    Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy 2022-08-30

    Written by David D. Burns, MD. I'm currently reading this book to better understand my depression and anxiety and how to change my way of thinking.
  2. alixer

    Recommendation: Peaceful Warrior

    I recommend reading Peaceful Warrior. It's the true story of an injured athlete who regained hope and healed after a demoralizing incident. There's a good movie based on it that I recommend, but it has the unfortunate task of consolidating so much of what they book conveys that the book is...
  3. Lmxoxo

    Has any body read this book?

    Guys I recently read this book. And it was amazing. I just loved it so much. I just so felt Ellery's thought processes. I think this book is so, so special and if anyone has read it, let me know! It's called 'Teach Me To Forget' by Erica M. Chapman and it's about a girl called Ellery. Ellery is...