12 long years ago

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  1. Petal

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    It's 12 years today since I miscarried and lost my baby, it still hurts, I remember that day so well and vividly. I have horrendous thoughts about it when looking back. Did I deserve my baby? No. I was only a ''baby'' myself. My life could have turned out so much differently if I had, had the child. It was my fault though and no one can tell me otherwise, I OD when I was pregnant. I was very young and very stupid and did not know the consequences. I'm a failure at some things.
  2. ThePhantomLady

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    Hun I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. You were so young hun, you didn't mean to hurt the baby at the time, hun.

    I wish I had more to say, but just know that I care about you and I would never blame you for that and no one else could

    *hugs you tight*
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  3. Rockclimbinggirl

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    *big hugs* You are not a failure.
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  4. Fading_Awayy

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    You helped so many people and you're trying to help as much as you can , you are such a strong person surviving all these years , every one makes mistakes no one is perfect , I really wish you the best :) and you are truly one of my idols ❤
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  5. MisterBGone

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    I'm sorry Petal. I love you, we all do! You're irreplaceable to us here. You'll make a fine Mom someday; & they'll be so spoiled(t?), all because of the extra love you'll have to give them. Believe me! Having no kids of my own, I am an expert in such matters..;)
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  6. Sea Sparkles

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    I'm so sorry you lost your baby, Petal!

    I know my mom lost a baby when she was 17 (the baby was 3 days old) and the grieving process is still awful for her each year :(

    (((massive hugs)))
  7. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I know it hurts, but you aren't a failure. I know that you will make a great mom one day, because you are a sweet and caring person :) Big hugs to you.