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I am just so stressed right now. It seems like everything I do is wrong. Even posting. I am just so down and I have no friends to talk to and my family is just tired of dealing with my depression.

It seems like I can't do the right thing to please anyone and if I please myself then I am being selfish and not thinking of other people. It seems like either way I go it will be the wrong way.

What now?


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it s always hard living in two worlds..On the one hand what the family wants, one the other hand what you want..Being a push-over myself i always compromised, i ve never stood up for anything in my life, partly because i never had any strong desires.I can tell u that in the long run u learn not to care, u do what the others expect you to do in order to be left alone...You d prolly want me to tell u to make your own choices etc, but i just tell you what i do, i m not giving advice...But i can tell you for sure that there are always "windows" of hope, i don t know anyone who s living their dreams, most people compromised at some point with what the others told them, but that didn t make them miserable or stressed.And u can do many things secretly, if your problem is disapproval
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