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im just typing this cause im really depressed and i cant do anything to fix it. ive quit taking anti-depressants. and now the only meds i take r for sleeping, which also dont work. and all i can think about is SH, and i cant do that cause i'll get kicked out of JC. and fuck i just fucking wanna kill meself, but im to much of a fucking pussy to kill my ownself. god i wish i could get rid of this fucking pain and misery and torment. well fuck it im off to go smoke hopefully that will calm me down. not that anyone cares. take care ppl, ill try to get on sometimes, but i wont be able to get on the chat for a while.

aww hun :hug: you've me on msn if you need me. maybe you should try some other anti-depressants. and i know it sounds silly, for some people it hulps to have a rubberband around you wrist and when you feel like doing it, hit your skin with it. dont kow how to explain it in eglish >.< anyway please be safe and take care, here if you need me
:hug: :hug:


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:hug: im sorry things look so bad for you atm, but dont give up. there i always a way to find a shrink or psychologist for free. youre in my thoughts, with much love,


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shrinks and those kind a ppl dont do crap for me but piss me off thinking they know everything about me and how much they care, whenj all they care bout is there damn paychecks. im just screwed and nothing can save me. and i have no one to talk to in person or phone. but i can always come here and talk to u guys. its just that when the comp lab closes thats when i really need some one to talk to, and i cant.


Could you see a counsellor from a charity? I'm not too fond of psychiatrists and I do empathise. A lot just don't listen do they?

But there are counsellors that will listen to you. It takes a while to find the right one and but it can be really disappointing when you find yourself sitting in front of someone who is in their own little world and not engaging with you.

There is a counsellor out there that will help.There is a way out of this silenttears. There are ways of making this more manageable :hug:


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aww hun I'm so sorry you're feeling this way again :sad:
I know how you feel, just please don't give up on things. I know it's hard to open up, but it'll be so much better when you do, and you can get help for everything. Not all shrinks just care about money, I can assure you of that.
You know I'm here for you if you ever need to talk. You know where to reach me :smile:
I'm not on YIM as much as I used to be, but feel free to add me on msn anytime.
I hope things start looking up for you soon. Stay strong, and take care of yourself.

to silenttears

Have you thought about talking to your Dad? I know when I was young and had a tough time with depression that I didnt want to talk to anyone, because I didnt believe they knew anything about what I was feeling or going through. And now that my own Dad has passed away there is so many things I wish I had talked to him about. Looking back and seeing what I missed causes a lot of pain. I would suggest to you that you give your Dad a shot, since friends will always come and go but you will only ever have one Dad. And I'm pretty sure that no matter what time of day or night that it is, he will always welcome a phone call from his son.
For as far back as I can remember, Dad's were never concidered people. They were always just Dad. I still think you should give him a try, the worst that can happen is you get some things off your chest that you have probably been wanting to say anyways.
Please please try to talk to your family they may be able to help and they do love you , just try to keep in touch with people who love you.
My daughter took her own life two years ago. She didnt live at home so was able to hide her eating disorder and depression from us. She died one her own lonely and sad thinking no one cared but we did. I miss her so much I think my heart will stop beating one day from the sadness I have in me.
Please talk to your family they do care . Just tell them how you feel.
Take care.:unsure: ::hug:
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