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18-02-19 2.0

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I’m graduating ya’ll!
Just want to say.............
THANK YOU (times a million)
I haven’t been on because I’ve reached thriver level!!!!!!
So I’m gonna post a party for my leaving do lol
3tags are mandatory so don’t be offended I love ya’ll all.
Loads of rubbish tunes coming x
But first of all .....I want to say thank you for being there....so let’s hit it!!!!
I’m popping in to say never ever give up. Where there’s life, there’s hope.
I’m still going strong. And even stronger than ever before. I hope that this site will always be there to help the millions who feel like I did.
I hope there will be other graduates. But don’t push yourselves. It will happen in its own time. But never forget one day you will have a yellow day. A brighter day where the sun will shine in your life again. Your life is precious. You are precious. All you need to do is keep holding on xxxxx
Much love
Yellow xxxxx
I’ve come back to say every morning when I wake up I think and thank everybody on this forum who was there for me through my journey. When I had no one I could truly speak my heart to, you all were here with me.
Love and lots of huggggggsssss to all!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxx in my heart alwaysxxxxxxxxxx you are the reason I keep going everyday. Xxxxxxx
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