2 losses to suicide needing held aftermath

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    New to the forum not even sure if I am posting to the right place

    We have just suffered another loss to suicide only days ago to a close family member 2 months ago we lost a cousin to suicide too we are still grieving the loss of the cousin when our brother took his own life it happened so quick he suffered silently until Monday when it all came out by Wednesday he seized the opportunity to slip out of the house never to be seen again leaving behind his 2 children and pregnant wife. Our cousin was 19 and so young both have left the family devastated. We understand why there was no note but enough of the family are fighting depression and mental health issues to understand depression can grip you and take you down to low low places.

    How do you come to terms with this devastation we love and miss our cousin and brother so much it hurts to have double the pain trying to be strong for each other when we just want to cry

    I don't think I'm even seeking advice possibly more a vent :(
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    I don't know if one can come to terms with it ever one grieves and one needs to reach out for support to make sure the devastation does not happen again
    I hope the ones left behind the children and wife and siblings all reach out to stop the cycle of suicide I am sorry so sorry for the loss of your brother and cousin