4 year old bro. destroying my family!!!! (and yes,i Iove him) warning: sorta venting

I'm not sure what to do with James.
He stays at home all day becuz the tot is too young for schools and such.
But he is a disaster child! Sure, Jamie has the cute big blue eyes and blond hair and i could hug him for HOURS, but this is what he does, EVERY DAY: (for real!!) :

Thx to f*cking "Peppa Pig", he's been acting like a one, slewing mud in the bathrooms and everywhere. My mum has tries to keep him out of this but James is a resourceful with time and will just about use a split second to wedge a credit card into this impossible crack. (True story BTW)

He is wrecking, uh, correction, wrecking balling the house/yard.
No one has enough time to watch him every second.
The destruction is making my mom so sad because she worked really hard renovating, er, fixing up the house he is destroying.

Does anyone have siblings like this?
What to do about this behavior?


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Hi there, sounds like your brother is a real handful. Sometimes those kids act like that because they need more one on one attention. Negative attention is better than no attention at all. If you sit down and play with him - blocks, painting, play-doh, video game.. whatever it is he likes -- will he be cool and play for a while without getting crazy on the house?


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Hi there and welcome to the forum, he sounds like a right handful, I think you should take him to playschool where he can be with other four year olds and he will see right from wrong, he will notice that his behaviour isn't ''right'', keep an eye on what TV shows he is watching and choose them carefully. Other than that try and play with him using puzzles and things rated for his age. Best wishes and I hope things calm down, if he gets worse maybe get him to see a child psychologist who can assess him and see if he needs extra care. Good luck.
Hi. I have a common problem with my younger sister. I'm 15,she is 8 and she always finds a reason to just annoy me,because she likes it. My parents sometimes compare us like a dog and a cat :D But no matter how much she annoys me,I'm no able to hate her for more than a few hours.
In your case,your brother is half-yougner than my sister and he still doesn't understand everything he does. So even if you yell at him or something,he won't be able to understand why exactly and it will probably end in only making him cry. So what I suggest you is just wait until he grows up a little bit and he will start to change. But for now,the only thing he wants is to play and do whatever he wants. :D I think almost all youger brothers and sisters are like that.
There are a few physical brain problems that can cause this to happen. An issue with creating, transporting and holding chemicals in the brain means that they actually cannot control this. A developmental paediatrician will be able to assess if this is the case or not.


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Was wondering if you've checked his sugar intake because too much can make some kids superhyper. My son was like this whenever he drank fizzy drinks - they have cartloads of sugar. He was a nightmare- painting the the steps to my house and my neighbour's bright blue, yellow and red gloss, emptying expensive toiletries down the wc, and bags of flour over the kitchen floor, and more, until we discovered the cause.

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