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I haven't posted on this site in a long time. One of the last times I did I mentioned how my father had been diagnosed with cancer. We were hopeful because all of his doctors told us it was easily cured. But when it came down to it, no amount of hope in the world could've saved him. He passed away almost 3 months ago now. At the time, I was taking my finals for college and didn't have time or energy to process it. I find myself on this site 3 months later because its hitting me. Everyday I think of a new aspect of my life he won't be around for (graduation, marriage, family) and its been weighing me down heavily. I started school again today and all I could think about was how only 3 months ago I was in this same spot just dragging myself through final exams. I miss him so much. I would give anything for more time.

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