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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Allo.., Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. Allo..

    Allo.. Well-Known Member

    this has nothing to do with depression.
    i don't have depression.
    this is just the place to post when it fits no where else really.
    8 minutes ago i felt like the happiest person alive.
    absolutely on top of the world.
    i'm going to the australian ballet school in january for summer school :)
    how great is that!
    how exciting and fun and just truly amazing.
    so i found that out a week ago.
    i'm still bouncing around.
    i felt like the most amazing girl alive.
    i felt so great about myself.
    and now nathan's gone.
    we've been together now for a bit over 9 months, few minutes ago he sent me a message out of the blue saying he's been in relationships his whole life.
    we spoke, it's pissing me off.
    he's out on the town.
    i can't stand that he's telling me he loves me.
    i don't want to hear that.
    does he think that makes it any easier?
    it hurts.
    i never ever ever saw this coming.
    well i knew one day.
    but now?
    it hurts more than i thought.
    no it doesnt, it's just that i wasn't expecting it.
    part of me keeps thinking that he might wake up tomorrow and think 'oh shit what did i do last night. i have to get her back'
    you've no idea how much i am holding onto that thought.
    i was looking forward to seeing him tomorrow so much.
    and now he's gone.
    he asked me to promise him that we'd still be really close friends, text every day, go to movies.
    i don't think i cna do that.
    i can't imagine going out with him and being able to hold his hand, or kiss him, or tell him i love him just because i feel like it.
    i adore his family and his friends.
    his family completely accepted me and we got along so long.
    and he's just stopped it.
    just like that.
    i suppose that's what they say.
    i feel so.... crushed.
    i just want him back.
    i want to go to sleep and tell him i love him and wake up tomorrow and spend the day in bed with him.
    i don't want to be alone.
    i don't want to tell my mother that we're not together anymore.
    she always expected it would be me that broke up with him.
    she'll be happy, at least.
    no chance i'll refuse to go to finland or go to uni or some other stupid idea she's brought into her mind.
    what am i going to do.
    and i know this sounds like a stupid rant from just another teen girl, but its me.
    i'm sorry.
    i do hope you're enjoying your night.

    eh, see now it should've gone in relationships.
    or there lack of.
  2. elvinchild

    elvinchild Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about this.
    I don't understand why boys always continue to say "I love you" and "let's be best friends" when they are breaking up. I guess they are trying to make it easier.

    I've tried to remain close to exes right after a breakup in the past, and it was always extremely difficult because we were both used to a romantic dynamic, which just made the change uncomfortable.

    I think its really important to take SPACE from someone you've just had a breakup with. Even if you do still care about each other, its important to take time apart so you can get used to not having each other around all the time and not having that romantic connection. Maybe some time down the road you can re-establish a friendship - After a long break from seeing each other, I've become good friends again with an ex of mine - but its probably not a good idea right now.

    I know how it feels to be left so unexpectedly, life seems so sad and empty at the beginning, almost unreal... for me it was terrifying.

    :hug: Hold on, you'll get through this.
  3. Abi_21

    Abi_21 Well-Known Member

    i do hope your ok! hope yall worked things out
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    He is an ass and you need to concentrate on you and your ballet school
    I think if this relationship was meant to be it would but think ahead of all the new people you are going to meet. People with your same ambition and dreams. You want someone who will love you totally and you will find that someone I know you feel extreme pain and rejection right now but try concentrate on future okay there will be someone else and that someone will be even better for you take care of you okay .
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