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I feel like noone likes me here but one member.
I really don't understand what is wrong with me, I simply don't understand what is so ... repulsive? about me.
I feel like there is no use for me to come here anymore, because:
1). I am not wanted here
2). I am not much of a help anyway
3). If I feel bad I can't post anymore, because of that one member who I don't want to hurt

I don't know.


Maybe I am not who you think I am.

I feel so unwanted today, more than usually. :sad:

Ayway, :hug: to both of you.


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Maybe if you could tell me more about what is making you feel this way I could ease your worries. You could PM me. I keep things confidential.



the_dream :hug:

Thanks so much for the offer Mia, I appreciate it, but somehow I didn't feel like talking about why I felt like that yesterday, I was feeling too low. :hug:
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