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I am having a really rought time and have started wondering if anything is worth the shit i am going through. I am trying to sort moving to new flat but i am putting health at risk however if i don't move my mental health suffers so i am stuck. It has really brought me down and i feel like giving up . I feel like everytime i make headway something comes along to take me backwards. wonder if life is really worth it anymore.


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Moving is stressful as all hell no matter the circumstances. Good luck! So sorry I dropped out of chat like that. I lost connection to the server and no wI can't seem to be able to log back in. Stay strong hun.


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Moving is incredibly stressful, just remember you are moving to a flat where you will be happier, the stress of moving is temporary.

It's a new beginning.


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yes, moving is a real chore for anyone.. can you recruit anyone to help you with this.. hope so and good luck with this all.. tc, Jim
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