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i feel so low, the past few days have been the worst in a long time. Works going down hill, less hours equals less money, and no matter what i do in my other job i just cnt get any gratitude. I dnt expect alot, just a thankyou and maybe an opertunity for extra hours. I always come in early n do jobs of which im not expected so why give new hours (usually on a sunday which is double time) to the new girl who always comes late?
I dont even know whats going on at home, i walk in n its like ive just walked into the wrong house. Nobody really speaks to me, unless its to winge about something. I dnt get included in family activities or meals. It feels awkward just to sit in the same room as them.
I dnt hav many friends, i hav a few work friends n maybe one real friend but thats about it. I moved here a year n a half ago from a terible life n sometimes i think maybe it was the wrong thing to do. I was stuck in a cold mauldy flat, on the dole with a boyfriend who drank too much but atleast when he came home hed tell me he loved me. Hed hurt me sometimes but hed beg me to stay because he loved me so much, my boyfriend nw wudn even care if i got ran over by a bus tomorow. All i want is some affection, cuddles at night, suprises, nice little words to make me feel wanted. He does nothing. He tells me no guy will treat me better than he does n these little things i want so much, il never get from anybody.
I dunno what to do. I feel like a zombie sometimes, walking with no emotions n then other times im just in floods of tears.


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I would try to identify what are your emotional needs and begin to fill some of them on your own rather than wait on others. If you feel you did a good job, tell it to yourself. If you feel you deserve a treat, give it to yourself. Its nice when others do nice things for us, but it does not always happen when we need/want it. So, we gotta be our own best buddy at times.
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