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    Past few weeks I been struggling with morning sickness and getting myself to eat enough for the baby (at times, I have to force myself to eat). I see my nutritionist every week. She's been weighing me each time and the past 3 weeks my weight hasn't changed. It hasn't gone up nor down. Not sure much on how to feel about that. Just been triggering struggling with eating. Baby is due October 29th, so it's not much longer. A part of me had the urge to slip back into the eating disorder behaviors right after the baby is born. Been worried about slipping because I did this after having my other children. Just trying to fight these urges and keep my mind focused on not slipping back. I just want to get a hold of how I feel, the urges, and my thoughts before she's born. Just at a loss....
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    Dear Brknsilence,
    Wow eating for two and struggling with morning sickness you poor thing! The plus side is it really is not much longer. Maybe baby is taking most of the nutrients so though you are doing the right things you aren't putting on weight like you hoped too. Would meal replacement drinks help at this time I wonder? I know its still food just in a different form and maybe you may be able to sip them throughout the day. Just an idea. Keep fighting the urges - soon your baby will be born how exciting! and then the morning sickness should pass. Keep talking to the doctors and nutritionists that are working with you. Best wishes to you.
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    brknsilence "Keep Moving Forward"-Meet The Robinsons movie

    Thanks - She was born on the 18th. Been eating so much lately. Just glad there is no more morning sickness. Just recovering from the labor and delivery. I no longer see my nutritionist. She left to get more work elsewhere. Whenever another one is available, I will start seeing them. In the meantime, I just got to do what I can on my own.