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    So, I have no idea where to start so bare with me. I was diagnosed with bpd 3 years ago... by a psychiatrist whom had never seen me before in apsychiatric unit. I had been sectioned for suicidal behaviour.
    Well the thing is... I'm suffering with a lot of symptoms which cover many different psychiatric illnesses and they blame everything on bpd. which I don't think is fair of right. I think there has been a misunderstanding of some sort. I've never had a solid psychiatrist since I was first diagnosed and I don't believe they can make this diagnosis when I've not seen the same psychiatrist more than once for the last 5 years. Before and after I was diagnosed. So I'm starting to worry about what actually is wrong with me. I don't know how to get them to listen to me because they literally blame every symptom I have on bpd. I don't think this is fair or ethical or to be honest not correct. Any thoughts?
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    Do you just keep seeing the junior doctors linked to your consultant psychiatrist? You should have a consultant psychiatrist who should be the named person for your care. In my case I used to see a consultant locum psychiatrist who worked under my named psychiatrist but have never actually seen him but my care have been lucky enough to see the same person at each appointment. When I wasn't having much luck with the psychiatrist I was seeing, she gave me the option to see my named consultant if I wasn't happy with my care. Things got sorted in the end, but the option is there to see your named psychiatrist and you have every right to demand to see them and to have some continuity.

    BPD is a very complex illness and can often have the same symptoms as other psychiatric illnesses, so it is important that whilst you have this diagnosis you should at least have some continuity.
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