A poem about my day

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    Decided to do something different. By no means am i a poet, so just pretend it rhymes...

    Today was shit -
    really shit.

    Well not really.


    The world disappoints me,
    people let me down,

    this village just constantly gets me down-
    thats why i frown

    but at least that old man was nice

    ill just have to hide in my house
    quiet as a mouse

    just bored to death that's all
    and my dad makes me feel so small
    surely that can't be all?

    at least one good thing did happen this week
    and i can volunteer somewhere next week,

    even if its just one day
    and in a crappy pla-

    so thats good

    Just so unfair.

    I hate mean people


    lol that totally rhymed
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