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    come august it will be 6 years since he passed away. my father is a piece of shit. this man is the exact opposite of that. he was a college teacher, worked at a non-profit charity and worked as a real estate agent. somehow he had enough time to be involved in the church and took on me, my brothers and my mom as his "adopted" children. if i can end up being a fraction of the man he was i would be a great man. he cared so much. after he passed i attempted. i would have succeeded the next time if she didnt come into my life as well. but now she is gone too. im just going through the motions of life. work, eat, sleep. he lived a good long life. wish i knew his secret.
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    I am sorry for you loss I hope you can commemorate your step father by staying well hun by living life he would have wanted for YOu hugs