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a scenario that i have put together in my head over the years

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by pingas112, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. pingas112

    pingas112 Member

    i must have known this person for no more than 2 years, her name is stephanie and i can't seem to recall what her last name was, it might just be a case of someone saying it which would cause me to immedietly remember. during my time at primary school things looked bright for me, i was a completely different person from what i am today, after leaving primary school thats when i started to really stop caring about anything. she would always linger somewhere in my mind from time to time, i started to think about her much more frequently after i left highschool which might very well purely be the result of too much free time. the last time i saw her was at the primary school dance, 12 years ago and also half my life ago. my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to go to this dance, as did the parents of my cousin so my dad dropped us both off there. the only parts that i remember while i was there mostly involved stephanie. being the kid that i was i never wanted to go to the dance in the first place so i sat around like an outcast, i recall stephanie asking me if i wanted to dance and i said no. several hours later my dad was out front of the school ready to pick me and my cousin up, i remembered briefly looking around to try and find stephanie so i could say goodbye but i didn't put in enough effort, my cousin wanted to leave more than i did, he pressured me, telling me that my dad was out front waiting for us so i gave up, it was a decision which i would much later regret. being the loser that i now am and having so much free time to think about stuff i slowly put together this plausible scenario over the past 6 or so years, what if on that night i could find her and say my goodbyes, i would also be able to ask which school she was going to and perhaps still get to see her every now and then, and what if i took her up on that dance, the chances are she was interested in me at the time so maybe there could have been a future for us. if we could be together maybe that would have prevented me from losing myself in highschool, maybe with her help she could have shaped me into a better person. i realize i can't change the past but i would still like to know what she has been up to all these years, i'm concerned because back then i held some promise for living a decent life and i considered her to be roughly the same as me, but if thats true then it could also be possible that she ended up in the exact same position as me. if only i knew or remembered what her last name was i would be able to search her up on facebook to see. unfortunetly facebook doesn't include a search for people who went to a primary school.

    this is a double question, does this scenario that i gradually came up with over the past 6 year really seem plausible? also, is there any way i can find out what she's been up to with only knowing which primary school she went to, how old she was and only her first name?
  2. Twocky61

    Twocky61 Banned Member

    Well Pingas you could type Stephanie and/or the primary school she went to into FB search and if she has an account you may well find her - of course there will be numerous pages of Stephanie's but maybe the name of the primary school will narrow the search down - I used to be on FB but I forget whether you can type key words into the search-line as well as the persons name - Your scenario? Why shouldn't it be plausable? It happened to you
    Hopefully you will find her
  3. pingas112

    pingas112 Member

    it must have been the way i wrote it, grammar never was my strongest virtue.

    the scenario that i put together was a what if situation. i started off by talking about what happened and then about what could have happened (that being the scenario)
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