A trigger for eating issues

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    Have not been dx with an ED but there were a lot point within the last year and two that I refused to eat for days at a time

    Every first of the month just triggers something inside me to go on those water fasts as far as I can push myself. Longest one was 8 days that I can lucidly remember but they always made me feel good when I got past the hellish 3 days mark after that usually don't feel the hunger.

    Ever since the car accident, my weight shot up from 175 to 237 and now 234, just had the first knee operated on just 2 weeks ago. Ive been focused on vitaminizing and eating but more and more of late ive been skipping meals and eating a meal a day reverting to my old pattern

    I used to go to this Therapist for a long time like 3-4 years but she changed her hours and I'm more and more drifting away to trying to keep sane as weeks go by without checking in with her. Now this is the first of the month tomorrow and I just have this desire to start the fast.

    Kinda lost the will, the motivation (goals) as friends really have drifted apart and cant depend on the family
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    Ironically...got sick after this post. Ruptured appendix.

    Weight dropped to 224
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    Weight was at 217 however I ate a lot today so might be back up to 220.
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    Hope you're doing alright. Here if you want to talk. Sorry you been struggling. Hugs