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Christa D

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I was seeing a therapist and Psychiatrist at a mental health place. They had DBT but the person running the group does not take my insurance which I find strange. I went to another place and seeing a Psychiatrist. This place is refusing for me to have an interpreter in the DBT group. Why? I'm deaf and I need an interpreter for the group. Now it's the ADA law. I have someone helping me from Deaf and Hard of Hearing place. I have not heard from her in a while. I had send her a few E-mails and she has not responded back. I'm getting frustrated like no one want to help. I have one option that is to see an therapist at another location. Thing is there will be a co-pay each time I see her and not sure if they will allow an interpreter be there. I'm really lost at this time.

Sad Elf

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Do you have another contact at the hard of hearing place ? Have they said why you can't have an interpreter in the meeting ?

I am feeling cross on your behalf but as I am guessing we live in different countries I don't know what to suggest, can your doctor put you in touch with any groups that can help ?

I hope you manage to get the situation sorted.

Take care

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