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About to die.

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Hi all,
I'm a film student from Turkey who has no life... like many others. My film adventure was started with great hopes and dreams. Everybody told me to stop dreaming and face with the facts of life; but I just didn't want to hear it. I just can't hope for anything anymore. I even tried my chance in Hollywood but producers were not accepting unsolicited scripts. I can't even find a job in the business. In 2 months, I will go LA again but I don't think there is anything left for me in this world. You will probably find me dead in my room in LA. If there is anything fun that you can recommend me before suicide, please let me know. I have been in Universal Studios ant It was awesome. I will also try Six Flags Magic Mountain this time. If you have any recommendation, I will be happy to hear it.


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Hi Stranger and welcome...what has gotten you to this point? It sounds like you are bright and can express yourself (at least in this medium) quite well...please know there are many of us who can relate to what you are saying, and also know there is a lot of support here for you...welcome again, J
I'm not a complicated person. It's very simple, I tried and I failed. Like many other film makers. I wanted to work with big companies on big projects but they ignored me. Of course, I have good memories too, my life is not complete failure. But what is the point of living if you have no life? I don't think anyone will care about my death other then my relatives.

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of course your relatives will care and will suffer greatly why not go on and enjoy living in what ever capacity you can. there are other fields of trades that deal with film making. expand your horizons try all areas see what that brings you. Even the most famous film makers worked delivery pizzas restaraunts whatever they could until they got their break Not an easy field to get into so if your ready to give up now you just may not have what it takes to stay in that field alot of work alot of being able to ride the waves so to speak
You have to work at whatever you can get until your break comes enjoy the ride instead of wanting to give up push ahead and do what you can.
Even the most famous film makers worked delivery pizzas restaraunts whatever they could until they got their break
This is capitalist propoganda. By creating such stories, they try to give hope to other people. Many people succesful on film business has connections, relatives, friends working on that field. Most of the pizza delivery boys stay the same on their lives. There is not much difference between being a succesful film maker and hitting the lottery. Most people come to that conclusion sooner or later. That's why the suicide ratio is very high on that business. And what's the difference anyway? Even Brad Pitt is depressed because he is over 45 now and girls doesn't love him anymore. Elizabet Hurley passed over 20 surgeries to look younger, but I looked at her photos and I don't think it worked. People who has a bad life is sad, people who has a good life is also sad because they know that it won't stay like that. So why to live? I don't believe in religions by the way.

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You said you did not want to live because you were not making it in the film industry i said it take time time you do seem to not want to put in that all I hope you do go enjoy your living that is what life is for don't give up on your dreams just change them to fit what is happening at the moment that all and when and if you do get a job in the industry you will be glad you hung in it for long run


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You probably already know how many people each year go to hollywood to make it big.. Well they soon find out just how hard it is to get into the buisness.. Don't take it to heart.. It's nothing you did wrong.. Just the roll of the dice.. Why don't you try the newspapers or the tabloids.. At least you will be able to keep writing..


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hey stranger, sorry you going through this...but look at it another way, you are not been turned away because you are not good...economies around the world are struggling and movies are risky, and its a hard business to crack even when the economy is good, so dont be disheartened, its just not the time for anyone to be taking risks on the unknown. while you are waiting for things to change, and they will, is there anything else that you can do?

remember that the movie business is one of the hardest to crack, you just have to keep trying. hollwood, la is not the be all and end all...get experience elsewhere, in your homeland, london, anywhere..at least you will have something to showcase in la. its naive to think (no offence) that you can just turn up in la and land the job of your dreams.

all in all you have to take into account the current economic climate, so many people are struggling to find work in their chosen field, dont take it personal, accept you may have to wait a little longer till things pick up.

its so hard but its not the end. :hug:
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