abuse ?

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has been going on for awhile. everytime my dad is angry, drunk or both he hits me. he throws things at me. sometimes he hits me with his belt. when i got suspended from school for trying to protect myself from 2 bullies.
he got major mad at me and went after me with his belt.


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Wow, I'm really sorry and sad to hear about this! :hug: Could you confide in a teacher or the school counsellor? It sounds like you could use some help and support in your corner.


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How long is your suspension? Even though you are suspended you should still be able to talk to the school counsellor. You could call the police or you could call the CPS hotline. Don't let it continue, you don't deserve to be treated that way.


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CPS - child protective services. The school has an obligation to help when someone is being abused. I don't think a suspension relieves them of that. There are other places you can get help if you can't go to the school. Please just don't let this continue to you.
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