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Abused seaking abuser?

I wondering why it is so common to have relationships with abusive partners after being abused before? Is it a coping behaviour or a punishment? Or something else?

I would love to hear some thoughts about the topic.

Lots of love to u all...


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I think it's not "seeking" that behavior again but rather one might have an attention to a type of person in the first place and the next person happens to fit the asshole abuser scenario again. Then the abused puts up with it once again thinking they deserve it for attracting this type & everything else that starts to go through a brain when that's going on.

Are you in an abusive relationship?


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Personally, I felt that I was so disgusting and had so much hatred for myself that I believed I was worthless and deserved the emotional abuse I had no self worth, no confidence, no self esteem, i felt like i had to put up with it because i wouldn't get another ''boyfriend''. He was vile, cruel, emotionally tortured me until I sought counseling and that is when everything changed and I got stronger and gained self esteem, enough to walk out of my own apartment and never go back.

I truly hope you are not in an abusive relationship, if you are please talk to us, we understand it.

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