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Keep on keeping on.
Dear Everyone,

Last year the pain was bad. I was self destructive. I was close to ending it all (minutes away). I know how hard it is to stay safe and stay alive during these times.

I was communicating with someone one SF who has that struggle, and keeping themselves safe. I took a minute to think about how that person is sacrificing to stay alive for their family. It reminded me of the ordinary people in WWI trenches doing extraordinary acts to keep their friends alive.

There are so many with this struggle, who can barely find the will or strength to continue, but they do. I know no one asks for or deserves this struggle, and when they are going through it, they feel anything but heroic. They feel lucky just to be alive, and sometime unlucky just to be alive. It is incredible to witness some of the weakest and broken people pushing forward and carrying on. I see this strength and forget how fragile we all are.

There are people here that feel so broken and beaten down and worthless, and they manage to get through another day. I want you to know how truly good and great you are. I wish a normal easy life for all of you, but I admire how you are able to continue and I draw inspiration from your daily struggle.

Grace and Peace,

P.S. I am talking about every single person on this site. If you are thinking "He is not talking about me," then you are definitely among those I am talking about.
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