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Hello friends,
I need your advice, please.
My neurologist has treated me for years for migraines, sleep disorder, spine disease and more recently anxiety and depression. She's the doctor who referred me to my therapist (whom ive also recently lost due a move too far to drive reguarly) She has been my prescribing doctor, but has now left the practice. These are the only two professionals that have been to bat, so to speak, for me in the medical world. I'm waiting to see my new neurologist, it is a male which I am not very comfortable with male doctors and the head of the department.
I found out when it came time to refill my anxiety meds through neurology as my old doctor told me to do they wouldnt. They told me to go through my PCP. Which was just more calls and emails then her nurse told me they would refill once then need to see me. I'm so confused and of course, my anxiety is sky rocketing. Do I have to share my mental health issues with my PCP? I don't think she's equipped to treat them and I don't want to talk to more and more people that exposes my trauma publicly. It just feels wrong. Any advice? Should I wait it out until I see my new neuro? What if he won't treat me? I'm almost ready to just find a complete new doctor but I'm scared to lose any treatment I have. What is anyone's advice on psychiatrists? I have never seen one before but would be an option worthwhile to preserve my privacy and receive treatment? Thank you to anyone who reads this and any advice. I would REALLY appreciate it and I respect the opinions of SF's immensely.
Do I have to share my mental health issues with my PCP?
I don't think you should have to. Can you get a referral from the neurologist's office for a psychiatrist?
I suppose you could also tell your PCP that you were getting anxiety meds from the neurologists, which you can't do now, and then ask for a referral to a psychiatrist.

In some cases, I think you can go directly to a psychiatrist without having a referral, but it may depend on your insurance.

There's also my favorite method of treating nearly all illnesses, which I won't mention, since I mention it so much
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