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    July 26, 2011
    It was just me and my two best friends, we made a bad decision. Decided to trespass and climb almost four stories up. We talked and laughed, none of us had a clue what would happen soon. Someone seemed to have heard us, he screamed that if we didn't get down immediately he would call the cops.
    I actually wish he had.
    That's the last thing I remember, and a dream of feeling weightless, like I was flying, but the ground was coming up way faster than it should've. I woke up two weeks later in the hospital, the doctors were shocked I remembered my name. But Kim was dead, she broke her neck on impact and died instantly. I suffered three fractured ribs, one broken, and even fractured vertebrae. My long was punctured by one of my ribs. My liver went through enough trauma that it split. I had facial fracturing, brain hemorrhaging, and a traumatic brain injury.
    I don't know what the worst part is, that I was there when it happened, that I was next door when they finally pulled the plug, or that I'm not even sure my memories of that night are what actually happened.
    The other girl suffers worse depression than I do now, and our relationship is so rocky because 1/3 of our unit is gone.
    Kim would've been 19 last week, and I miss her so much it hurts to breathe sometimes. I keep being told it's going to get better over time, but I don't think you ever "get better" after you lose someone, you just get better at faking it.
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    I am sorry you lost your friend one does not ever get over losing a friend but one learns to move on and live with that loss ok

    Your friend would not want any of you to be sad you know that if you can try to commemorate you friend by doing something in her name.