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another birthday


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well, yesterday would have been my beautiful little girls 20th birthday. I had her just a couple weeks after turning 16. I lost her when she was 4 in a bad car accident. every year is hard but I am finding this year more difficult than normal. I would normally turn to my best friend, my brother, but I lost him to suicide last year and don't have him to lean on anymore. I miss her so much I just want to hold her one more time. see her smile hear her laugh. I wish I could see the light in her eyes again. I just want more time with her that I cant have back. I find myself thinking who would she be today? where would she be today? did I do everything in my power to make her life fulfilled. I don't understand why she had to go her life was just starting. no matter how much I begged and needed her I know heaven needed her more but its hard to understand why. well happy birthday babygirl, I know ill see you again

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